Sunday, August 26, 2007

Movin' Up, Movin' Out

In case there was any doubt that I am indeed a college student, or that I live in a dorm, the messy state of my very small room should put all minds at ease. I leave for Chicago this Tuesday, so starting yesterday boxes were found, clothes folded, and piece by piece my room has been dissembled.

It has been less than 3 months since the last time I did this. Sheesh. I cannot wait for the day (hopefully next year?) where I can settle down for more than few months! Like most people I hate moving, and bouncing from room to room is starting to get old.

But enough griping, onto the knitting. Like I mentioned in my previous post, I was computer-less for about 3 weeks. New motherboard, new Ethernet card and my baby is running fabulously, but being cut off from the technological world was a pleasant break. We all spend too much time "plugged in" to technology, and it was almost refreshing to have time to knit and play.

And knit I did. Four mesh bags have been completed, aside from handles. (And you can almost see them tucked away in the growing pile of stuff on my bed.) These will be Christmas presents for my mother, as she too strives to "be green". They're simple - Sugar 'n Cream yarn in purse stitch until they feel big enough. I don't quite know how much they'll stretch, so I chose to err on the side of too small rather than leave my mother with huge stretched out cotton messes. When I'm home I plan on scouting out some ribbon for the handles, or some other material that won't stretch out with the rest of the bag. I hope she likes them! In some ways I feel I'm almost imposing my own lifestyle on hers, but since we're family, I'm doing it anyways. She did express interest in reusable bags, but just doesn't have the time to knit or sew them herself.

Also in the works? I'm one chart away from finishing the MS3. It should be done by now, but I just lost steam. It's okay though - I can't really block things here at school so I would have had to wait until I was back in Chicago anyways. Maybe I'll finish in the car, and block as soon as I'm home. Then again, maybe not.

I have more to say, but much more to do. Dad will be here tomorrow, and my goal is to be sitting in a pile of boxes and knitting some bags when he arrives. I've pawned off my fridge and most of my food on a friend who is staying here for the year, found homes for my plants, and *tear* even decided what to do with my yarn. That is always the hardest part. But, let's be realistic, I'll be in London and although I know I'll be knitting, I don't want an entire suitcase full of yarn with no plans.

(Poor yarn. Don't miss me too much).

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