Thursday, July 19, 2007

I return.

I should be working on Zodiac right now. I started it in June and then set it aside once work started at my old summer camp. The job keeps me busy and leaves me dehydrated and tired every afternoon (although I'm sure it's easier than what you're doing at facman, right, Catherine? I guess I'm just weak), leaving me with no desire to do any knitting.

The sleepsack was for my future nephew and I stopped working on it when I realized that I didn't know what zodiac sign to put on the bottom.. I thought that was a good enough reason to pause the project. I did have a tentative due date, but it was, well, tentative, and I knew better than to just go with that.

We went to Chicago last weekend for my oldest nephew's birthday party; a good time was had by all. On our last day, though, my sister announced that she had just started active labor- a good 3 weeks before her due date. Looks like I made the right decision with the sleepsack!

We're planning on going back to Chicago this weekend, leaving tomorrow to be exact, to visit newborn William. Unfortunately, this means I had to cancel my previous plans to visit fellow S&S bloggers Catherine and Hannah, as well as all my other friends in the Kalamazoo area, which is very sad indeed. :(

So... I guess I should be working on that sleepsack, right?

A little thing called Harry Potter is getting in my way, though. With the last book quickly approaching on Saturday, I've been spending all my free time rereading the books (in backwards order, because I thought that was a good idea at the time). Looks like i really have my priorities straight, right? I hope my sister forgets that I promised a sleepsack.

I end this post now with two of the cutest campers and thus knitting-distractors ever.

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